Resources/ Research – Worthy Of Your Attention- Some offering Wholesale Prices!!!

Here’s a short list of websites/ companies I have found to be reputable, totally  trustworthy with excellent and helpful life giving pure and safe ingredients and sound advice!   Doctor Joel Wallachs family of cutting edge companies  Medical Nutrition clinically verified, science based help and hope. Free Preferred customer status and wholesale prices and free shipping.  800-982-3189  Chula Vista, CA Has the longest running Health Talk Radio show in the country  The mineral doctor and aka as the Father of Liquid Nutrition.  Goes to bat with the FDA with his own monies has sued them  and won 8x’s.  Has been able to secure several Qualified Health Claims this doctor has an incredible heart and his mission is to change the way we do Health Care in this country!   We invite you to explore our high-quality, pre-made, unscented bases and raw ingredients for home & business soapers.  All products are hand poured and hand cut on a per order basis, guaranteeing that they arrive to you fresh and clean. This takes a bit more time, but we feel that hand packed items are worth the wait!  Plus Kits, Gift Ideas, DIY, Very nice packaging materials, and more! Whole sale pricing!  (excellent resource for fermented cultures of every kind, Kombucha/Kefir/Yogurts/vegys/ sourdough   recipes and how to video instruction with live chat help!   Nutraceutical Nutrition ( Fucoidan from / I O My Skin care Line/ Mystique Trans-dermal Patch for balancing hormones, blood sugar and weight loss/ Weight Loss products that work! Highest quality ingredients-  based in Ft. Meyers Florida. Can get wholesale pricing and free shipping! Well known, Best Selling Author of “The Makers Diet” Jordan Rubin,  founder of Garden of Life company and Beyond Organic company.  Owner of 8 K acre Green organic farm and Dairy, in Koshkonong, Missouri, teamed up with Doctor Wallach last year.  Offers green fed highest quality A-2 Dairy cheeses/ Suero Viv organic  Green fed Whey liquid hydrating drinks/ Amasi/  Terrain Herbals/ Beyond Organic Pure Skin care line and more!  Wholesale pricing, free shipping.  Most impressive credentials and 26 yrs clinical experience as a Naturopathic Holistic Doctor.Using science based, clinically verified medical nutrition that actually supports and promotes the body’s ability to fix itself!  Looks to Doc Wallach as his friend and mentor.  His witty way of lecturing and educating in the field of Medical Nutrition will return your hope in no time at all.  There are alternatives to Drugs and Surgery that work!  If excellent health is important to you do not hesitate to check into this resource. Find him all over You Tube and DrGliddenTV on the internet.  Dufur, Oregon- 4th largest in the country- whole sale Organic and Natural Foods NON GMO delivery service in the United States.. covers 38 states presently and growing.   Delivers to drop points and stores … delivery to drop points that meet minimum….no tax….971-200-8350  We have been a customer since 1987!!!  A family owned business doing it right!

Ty Bollinger   Incredible LIFE SAVING!… his message is “Cancer does not have to be a Death Sentence!”

Dr. Matthais Rath   Welcome to the Dr. Rath Research Institute, where we conduct cutting-edge research in natural health based on Dr. Rath’s scientific discoveries.Central to this research is the understanding that essential nutrients play a critical role in restoring and maintaining health at the deepest and most important level in the human body — the cellular level.This site is designed to be your window into this exciting and dynamic field, where conventional science conducted with unconventional substances can revolutionize how the world approaches human health.A new scientific publication from the Dr. Rath Research Institute is now available online in the new issue of the International Journal of Oncology It presents the results of our studies showing that a unique nutrient mixture (NM) can modulate key enzymes involved in tissue degradation in pancreatic, colon and liver cancer cells. These enzymes include urokinase plasminogen activators (uPA), matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) and their inhibitors.

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