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www.TheTruthAboutCancer.com    new documentary series ” A Global Quest”   Top of the list valuable resource.  


My dear friends…One in two men and one in every three women will receive a diagnosis of cancer this year 2016!  That is unacceptable and the Cancer Industry IS flourishing, its everywhere and the cancer drugs are the only drugs that the doctors get a cut of, a hefty profit.  When people hear they have cancer detected in their bodies this one thing instills immediate panic, the MD’s cash in on this vulnerable time and insist on immediate treatments with protocols that are 97% INEFFECTIVE. You did not get cancer in a day folks.  Cancer IS not a death sentence.  This is a resource to have on hand for everyone’s library.  If you value your loved ones and friends please take this recommendation with all sincerity.  This is life saving information.  Cancer does not have to be a death sentence.

Choose Life!

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Hi, I'm Penny Tyler. My intention with this website is to educate, encourage and help restore hope to all who visit here. to present some things that will be new to many of you, and could change your life for the better. This is a new work and I intend Lord willing to continue to post good things, life giving helpful and truthful information, and point you to the experts. My life has been extended since 2006 using superfoods (fucoidan from www.Marinova.com.au ) I call this Hope from the Sea- A miracle when I needed it most, and also my journey with medical nutrition (The 90 Essential nutrients) Essential because our bodies need them down the hatch every day but our bodies do not make these nutrients, they must be imported. Read the section called "Some Background" if you need a little more info about me personally. Blessings as you explore what is here... there is much more to come. Do not hesitate to comment and leave an email or other contact info. if you would like to communicate with me directly. I am here to help. Penny

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