Some Background

I’d like to describe a little about my background. I hope it will explain why I’m so motivated to help people learn how to take care of themselves without drugs or surgeries.

This website is dedicated to the memory of my grandparents Anathol and Winifred Fortier who loved the Marco Island/ Naples, Florida area. It is from them the message of hope I have in my heart for others began.

The picture of the beautiful beach on the home page of this website, is of Marco Island, Florida, where Gods hand guided and protected me while I was searching for Him.

I was born in 1952 and  grew up in beautiful New England, on the northeast corner of Connecticut, bordering Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

When I was a child I spent a lot of time at my Grandma and Grandpa Fortier’s ( my moms parents)  I so loved them both, my grandfather affectionately called my grandmother  “Winny.”  Since I was the first born girl grandchild and lived close to them, they helped my mom out when I was little while she worked. My real father who I never got to meet left her, was in fact already married when she married him she later found out, quite the scandal in the 50’s I was told.

They became my favorites!  In fact my grandparents had that warm way about them towards all their children and grand children, we all thought we were their favorites!  I remember my grandma making sure I got my nap in the afternoons when I was 4 or 5?(a good thing for crabby overtired little ones!!)  I remember her teaching me to love toast and honey, and fresh cantaloupe,  they called it “muskmelon”, also cream cheese on bread with green olives.  They were French…we had lots of big family gatherings at their house, and there was lots of cousins to play with and games outside…and good foods in New England. The ocean was about 45 minutes and there were lots of lakes to swim in and ice skate on. We always got together in the summer on Father’s Day/ Fourth of July/ Labor Day, Birthdays…..etc.

My grandmother and my Aunties would bring lots of seafood/meats, and garden vegys and fruits. Also a wonderful thing from a bakery a square topping less Pizza…we called it “spiced bread”  I think?  I can see my grandparents putting live lobsters in big steel pots of boiling water head first..we were told so we could not hear them scream ???…my cousins and I would be grossed out by this and run outside

My Grandpa was an avid fisherman and he would take me to the lake and the river close by their home after he got home from work, and sometimes on Saturdays. There were tons of mosquitoes at the river so we got sprayed with that horrible chemical insecticide, called “Off”  He would also take me to the Country Fair in Brooklyn or Woodstock or just on errands he was running.  They were very kind to me. My best memories as a child were with them.

As a home business they raised chicks till they were about 21 weeks old and started laying eggs, for the Purina Company. My grandpa built a huge cement walled chicken facility I remember being on the roof with him and others when they were putting tar paper on it one sunny day.
This facility had six  separate bays fenced off inside and outside.  When they were outside in the summer I would sit under the shady trees near the chicken fence in grandpas wooden orange Adirondack chair (little did I know then I was a Baby Boomer, born between 1946-1964- and those chairs and lots of other items would come roaring back in the 20th Century),  I would throw cherries for the chicks, from the trees, they were small purple berries the wild  birds ate (we didn’t)  and we called them bird cherries, the chickens loved them.  I loved going there and helping my grandmother with the chicks.

My grandma taught me to iron, and sew a bit and knit. I read a lot as well.  We did jigsaw puzzles and crosswords and played games like jacks, Chinese checkers, she was good at everything and even made all of our clothes, even up till I was in high school.

They pretty much raised me.  I did not know till I was older that my real father was out of the picture and  the dad I knew in the home, Romeo Duval, adopted me legally when I was about two.  I found this out when I was in high school.   I never met him but during  my late teen years I went looking for him with the little bits of information I had. I could not understand why I seemed to be the cause of conflict in the home. I left home on my 18th birthday because of all the confusion and conflict that I could not resolve.

I did not have the information back then, that I recently received from the only real father I ever had who was truly the Hero of the Duval family. He met my mom before going into the Navy during the Korean War and me and committed to care for and love us forever. My birth father left her never saw me and never came back. Terribly heartbreaking.

We just lost my mom this past March 2015 and it was after her death that my dad, told me some of the history of the beginning of our family when he met mom and fell in love with us both!  What a beautiful story.  He was true to her and our family and they spent 60 plus years together!

Our youngest son Levi a couple years back went online to an ancestry trace site and actually located my birth father.  We learned he died in 1998 after moving back to Westerly Rhode Island from California.  I only have one scanned picture of him when he was in the Navy “On Board”.  Even though he did such a horrible thing it was so sad not to have ever met him.

When I was in high school my grandparents moved permanently down to Naples Florida where they had been vacationing for several years before my Grandpa retired.  They would both fish on Marco Island and my Grandma would sometimes walk the beaches and collect beautiful sea shells/ sand dollars/ starfish,  the seahorses were SO interesting  (among other things), she would bring them back and when we were children we could go look at all the shells etc., and arrange them on newspapers in the basement on the clean floors. (my grandmother had the cleanest house I ever saw)    It was sad when they moved away, and not many years later my grandpa died of a heart attack while sanding the bottom of his boat.  I think he was in his late 50’s early 60’s?

My grandmother did not drive that I ever remembered. She needed help.

I remember flying down to Florida for the funeral…with my Italian Uncle Alfred and my dad Romeo.  My mom and her sisters were already there. It was a horrible hopelessness that covered me that day.  All my immediate family  were  non practicing Catholics  and the rest on my dads side were mostly devoted Catholics.  I never sensed any of Gods life or love, in Catholicism only rules/ regulations/empty traditions and guilt. A form of godliness that denied the Power of the Living God.  I never sensed I was truly loved by God. But I did believe that there was a God.  There was NO speaking of Heaven, or eternity with God, and no one seemed to know where my grandfather was now?  Inquiring minds of children want to know these things.  If they did know we kids were not in on it. Such hopelessness propelled me to do something!!  When I was leaving after the funeral, I told my grandmother I would be back to stay with her and help her if she would like that. She said yes.

After a few short weeks I did what I told my Grandmother I would do and moved to Florida to help her.  I think I was about twenty two?
I loved Florida immediately, my grandma and I did things together, we would go shopping and explore and she showed me where a Grapefruit orchard was and we picked paper sacks of them for a dollar a bag! It was the 70’s!!! I had to get some work and so I did some exploring on my own spent hours at the beaches and made some good friends. I was allowed to drive my Grandpas 1967? Cadillac with the big fins, all leather interior, very nice!

I helped my Grandma clean out some of her cupboards one day and found all kinds of weird salt substitutes and fake eggs and all kinds of nasty alternatives to real foods. This was when the big lie/myth about cholesterol began  being connected with Heart disease / and MD’s eliminated salts and eggs and other high cholesterol foods to fix this problem.   I will post something on Statin Drugs and how this was a very dangerous thing, that actually caused many terrible diseases instead of helping anything, in another writing.  I tasted the salt substitute and was horrified.  I was also angry at what the doctors were doing to people and that my own grandfather died because of the incorrect science they believed!

At this point in my life I was involved with the Flower Child/Hippie culture…New Age etc…  I was baking my own bread/ making yogurts/ eating raw honey/ peanut butters and good cheeses and making lentil soups etc and what was called “Health Foods”  ie: pure foods/real foods taking good vitamins.  I was learning about  the harmful chemicals in foods/  especially processed foods and reading labels and buying books that gave info about eating pure substances.  I had learned to grow good gardens that produced good foods without chemicals.   etc etc…This one incident with moving to Florida turned the tide (pun intended) for me.  I was angry and confused that we lost my grandfather at such an early age and that my grandmother was left alone.

Years later after I had taught my Grandma to drive and she traded Grandpas Caddy with the big fins, for a smaller compact and I moved back north.

I never forgot the hopelessness and confusion and contradiction between what I thought doctors should have known about and what they were doing.

I spent a lot of years depressed and searching for Mr. Right… I had made some terrible choices and ended up in Olympia Washington.  I was working as a secretary at Soloy Conversions, and met some Christians. I did not know that Tim’s roommate who worked there was praying for me and had also asked Tim ( my amazing husband) to be praying for me as well…I was about as low as I could get had no real friends, and attempted to take my own life. God had some other plans.  Another secretary shared some scripture with me one day at her home and for the first time in 28 years I received the TRUTH.. I read Gods Word and knew it was real!  I was invited to a Non denominational Church Fellowship meeting shortly after this and Tim was there leading and teaching.  It was all new to me.  I was soaking it all up quickly. I attended a Shield of Faith Conference that spring with the church, and was baptized in a raging river.  It was the first time I had ever heard about missionaries.I began reading the Bible and learning what it meant.  My life went from darkness to light in a moment of time, and I was set free from the bondage of fear, death and hell. I learned who Jesus was and what He came to do.  I was a new creation in Christ. It was so freeing and for the first time I felt truly loved by my Father in Heaven and wanted to tell the world there was indeed hope!  Tim and I began to date shortly after that.  We were engaged maybe 9 months or so?

In 1982 we were married.  Our first son Micah was born in December 1984, second son, Caleb  born  December 1987 and third son, Levi  born in February 1992.  We were very busy with raising these precious boys, and Tim was still teaching as a Pastor on Sundays with a small fellowship in Chehalis, Wa. We were people totally taking the Bible seriously.  We began to incorporate the Feasts of Israel into our family times from a purely Biblical historical standpoint to give the boys something real instead of the Easter Bunny and Santa.

My Grandmother was still alive early in our marriage and we traveled to Naples Florida when Micah was 2 yrs old…to see her. She was starting to go downhill but I did not know the full implications of this then.  As the next few years passed I received word from my mom about my grandmothers  health. We watched them get my Grandmother on medicines to alter her blood and it was a downhill slide from there.  She would not talk about her health with me, she was a very private person.  Such a waste of life.  God Forgive them became my prayer…for they do not know what they are doing.

I continued raising my family doing heavy gardening/raising animals/  and perfected making bread/ organic whole grain breads/ buying whole foods… eating things in moderation/ taking vitamins/ pills/ powders and all kinds of supplements. We moved  quite a few times which was very difficult.   In 2005 Tim’s career ended with the state and we lost our income after purchasing our third home.  My health started majorly breaking down with this added stress and my heart began racing out of control. I had a heart arrhythmia that started shortly after Micah was born, which would cause racing heartbeat once in a while, and would correct on its own.   This though seemed unusual and was definitely different…  because I thought we were doing at least some of the right stuff?  I always proudly said stress would not take me down…I was strong.  How wrong I was.  Such a foolish woman.

God had some instruction for me and I had to pay attention this time..  I  guess I am a slow learner. Smile.  I ended up in ER having to have my heart corrected intravenously with  a powerful drug called Adenocard, it would stop the heart for several seconds and reset it,  this occurred  4 times in 5 months it left me exhausted for weeks and the bill for this was enormous adding to the mounting stress of Tim’s job going away. ( please read the article by Dr. Matthais Rath on Arrhythmia of the heart, a brilliant man from the Netherlands- which I have posted on this site,) He is the founder of The Rath Foundation is based in Europe -a very important group of doctors and scientists who are making a huge difference in the live’s of those who have been successful in finding them.

In hind sight I realized I was not absorbing what I was ingesting. I needed help with digestion and  I was not taking enough of the right types of minerals/ antioxidants/ immune boosting superfoods and clean foods.  I knew nothing about being really healthy. God had to slow me down because I was on a faster track than was good for me.

The nutritional sciences have really increased in our lifetime and we know a lot more than I thought  there was to know… I was starting to connect the dots. The amount of information I was about to be plunged into was incredible.

I began to see the body can take a lot of abuse but if it does not get the essential nutrients it needs every day down the hatch, eventually over time things begin to break…as I was personally experiencing.

I began to see that putting the right stuff in the body allowed the body to heal as it was designed to do.  I started to be connected with experts in their fields and I began to listen for once. I began to experience first hand the healing power of super foods and the right absorb-able plant minerals and vitamins, along with the Essential Fatty Acids..for heart and brain health. When your heart and brain begin to fail you have been sick for a very long time. And when you are not replacing your nutrient reserve every day with the essential nutrients that our bodies do not make, it eventually will be completely depleted and when the stress of life hits things will begin to break and go wrong and you will end up in the hospitals. That is another discussion, for later. Smile

God opened up my understanding. He started answering prayer for my life to be spared and in that answer I did not die a horrible death. I had been in bed 6 months with constant chest pain/ shortness of breath  and could not take their medicines.  I was under the care of one of the best cardiologist’s in Spokane Wa., and the diagnosis for me was bleak and really scared me… I was two appointments away from a heart surgery and had lost all hope and then the Living Jesus stepped in.  The Good Shepherd to my rescue. He restored my soul almost instantly.  Hope from the Sea!!!  I would be taking a different path. (more on this later)  Watch for a lecture on “Fucoidan” by Dr. Peter Glidden!!

What I did not realize at the time was that this miracle of understanding  and amazing healing to me was going to end up giving me a burden for others, and also allow me to see a continuous example from the Bible, of choosing Life in every decision for the rest of my life. Every choice seemed to be  connected with life or death. This path was something I did not know existed or believed that it could even be intertwined. This was a true miracle!  My life has been extended and I believe it was to continue serving God, and alert and educate others and give them the same Great Hope!  I would learn however, sadly,  that few would listen and believe.


stay tuned-till next time