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Australian Scientists Develop Natural Seaweed Extract  (Fucoidan)

Monday 15 February 2010 – For Immediate Release 

In a breakthrough that offers hope for millions of osteoarthritis sufferers worldwide, Australian scientists have created a natural therapeutic from seaweed which has been clinically proven to reduce joint pain.

Research published today in Biologics: Targets & Therapy, cites human clinical trials conducted at Southern Cross University NatMed Research Centre, which have demonstrated that the natural seaweed extract can reduce Osteoarthritis symptoms in some patients by up to 52%. The extract used in the clinical trials is a natural complex of concentrated fucoidans – bioactive polysaccharides thought to be responsible for many of the health benefits attributed to brown seaweeds such as wakame. All clinical trial participants had clinically-diagnosed osteoarthritis of the knee and were given a daily dose of the fucoidan-rich extract over a 12 week period during which the changes in their symptoms were observed.

Participants taking 100mg of the seaweed extract each day showed an 18% reduction in osteoarthritis symptoms, using the internationally-validated COAT (Comprehensive Osteoarthritis Test) assessment protocol. Participants taking 1000mg per day reported a staggering 52% reduction in symptoms.

Developed by Australian biotechnology company Marinova Pty Ltd, the natural Maritech® extract used in the clinical trials is derived from seaweed species growing in the pristine ocean waters of Patagonia and Nova Scotia. Unlike most complementary therapies which target osteoarthritis, Maritech® extract has Organic, Kosher and Halal certifications and is suitable for patients with seafood and shellfish allergies.

In announcing the publication and results of its combined Phase I and II human clinical study, Marinova’s Senior Scientist, Dr Helen Fitton, said “A particularly exciting finding from this trial is that both groups of patients who took the Maritech® seaweed extract felt a significant reduction in pain after just one week of treatment. These clinical findings have now created an opportunity for osteoarthritis sufferers to reduce or replace their drug intake”.

Full details of the Study can be found at Biologics: Targets & Therapy 2010:4 33-44



This link above is a lecture by Dr. Peter Glidden ND…………on a life giving/life saving, life changing, super food, a sulfated polysaccharide from a brown marine vegetable or sea weed, called Fucoidan.  I must alert you that the only fucoidan that I believe is trust worthy…is from the worlds largest organic supplier in Tasmania Australia, from the Marinova.com.au  There are a couple companies I use that have this suppliers fucoidan. One company is what Dr. Glidden is speaking about in this lecture.

You can see some of the research studies on fucoidan, I believe there are over 1100 now, posted on www.PubMed.gov  by typing in Fucoidan in the search box you can pull them up and you can refine your search to look like this ( fucoidan/Cancer  or fucoidan/heart disease etc……These are third party independent research studies posted by the most brilliant minds ie; scientists, doctors, molecular biologists etc, from all over the world.  Worth your time to check this out.  It is an incredible immune booster, anti cancer/anti tumor/ anti viral/ anti bacterial/ anti inflammatory/ anti parasitic/ and so much more. It has extended my life and I did not require the heart surgery the best cardiologists in Spokane Wa said I needed back in 2006.  I am on no medications and have been able to maintain good health using this super food!  I am very grateful to God for this miracle to me.  I will never stop pointing people to this research and this marine vegetable and the doctors who know this is something that will help them.  In Tasmania/ Australia they can do human trials with these substances and are not strangled the way we are here in the states.  WE do not have a free medical market here in this country.  The studies show that using 100 mg of fucoidan per day for 12 days increases the immune stem cells by 46%  WHAT!!!  yes my friends… that is correct… I have taken a lot more than 100 mg per day… no harm no foul… it is a vegetable, a food …. in many countries people eat brown sea weed daily as a vegetable!….  Gift from God’s oceans!




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  1. Thx. I don’t eat shellfish or any scavenge r foods due to faith will eat sea vegetables does this truly qualifyly ?

    • Hello Alice, I believe it is a Kosher superfood, please check http://www.Marinova.com.au because this is the source. I am using Optimized Fucoidan in capsule form as well, a Marinova product. Marinova is the largest supplier of organic fucoidan in the world. They are located in Tasmania off the continent of Australia. Beautifully done website. They do trust worthy testing and can reassure you on this question. Beware there are many companies out there cashing in on this market and have inferior products. contact me directly if you like over email doorwaytohope@gmx.com blessings Penny

    • Hello A. Mithcell Superfoods especially those from the purest underwater sea beds have incredible immune boosting qualities, and this one increases “immune stem cell growth” as stated in article by Marinova. It has spared me heart surgery. The active component of the plant is fucoidan it’s the plants own immune system.
      The Islanders for instance in Tonga praise it for its bone strengthening ability… remember grandma saying eat your vegys they will make you strong. In this case she was entirely correct. Interviews I’ve heard with some of those Tongans state this and they are surely sturdy folks.
      I would point you to look at Doctor Joel Wallachs information and lectures I have a few listed in my pages on this website. He has the longest running Health Talk Radio program heres his link http://ksco.com/dead-doctors-dont-lie paste into your browser… He has the most boots on the ground research and clinical work than any other. Especially when it comes to bone health. because of his protocols I did not have to have a knee replacement or surgery of any kind. Also two months after I began with his protocols I had a dental check up and the pocket depths that were up there in the 5’s and 6’s were down to the 2’s and 3’s unbelievable…something so simple was so right!!! I am 63 and on no meds… the fucoidan strengthened my immune system so completely I did not go thru with the heart surgery that was recommended in 2006…. I still use fucoidan every day from Marinova. If you would like to email me at doorwaytohope@gmx.com I welcome you to do so.. Penny Tyler

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