A few companies with products that WORK!

Jordan Rubin has a company called Beyond Organic…. He owns a Certified  8K acre Organic farm with dairy and beef cattle and more in Koshkonong, Missouri.  His heart for people who are suffering unnecessarily and  his personal mission is incredible. He also founded The Garden of Life company and has authored many books on health.  One is “The Makers Diet” New York Times best seller was written as a life saving testimony of his amazing miracle recovery from Chrons disease.  He has teamed up with Dr. Josh Axe and they have started a couple of companies together one is Ancient Apothecaries.  You can find him on You Tube as well

I highly recommend this cleanse Suero Viv means “The Whey of Life”…read about it here…

His skin care line is Pure and Clean.


Other websites he has;  www.BeyondOrganicInsider.com   www.GrowBone.com

He has recently teamed up with Dr. Joel Wallach of Youngevity, he offers wholesale prices and free shipping!

www.pennyt.youngevity.com  Youngevity has Doc Wallach’s Pure Plant derived Minerals that are the foundational building blocks for health. His research on the 90 essential nutrients we all need on a daily basis far surpass anyone else s research   Our bodies do not make these nutrients hence “essential” for daily repair, and maintenance and life.  I highly recommend hearing him and learning about these minerals. He is known as the Father of Liquid minerals and he runs circles around every one.  He is CUTTING EDGE and keeps up and way ahead of the research.  His latest book is incredible “Epi-genetics”  exposes the myth that everything is genetic, which seems to be a prevalent default of many doctors when they do not know the cause. Some things ARE genetic, but not everything!!!  Also these diagnosis of autoimmune is old science and you can get up to speed on the latest truth from this man and his colleagues such as Dr. Peter Glidden and others. He is a generous man and cares deeply about the people around the world.  He offers whole sale prices on his books as well as his supplements and free shipping.  Please read Senate Document 264 on line or on this site.  The condition of the soils reveals a great deal about the health of a nation.   In 2012 I used his bone and joint protocol and did not need surgery on my knee after over-lifting during a move.  We have met his three times in the last three yrs… as he comes here to lecture for free pretty much every year.  He takes no monies from his formulations and has gone to bat with the FDA and sued them 8 times and won also with his own monies to secure qualified health claims that any of us can say about certain supplements without being jailed. His mission and passion to help is crystal clear.  His protocols work,  he is right!  

www.Glidden.HealthCare   is Dr. Peter Gliddens website… He works closely with Dr. Joel Wallach and is amazing. Both of these men have You Tube lectures and are well worth your time. Not all ND’s agree to be sure, I love pointing people to the experts who take their oath as doctors seriously to “first do no harm” Hippocrates  

Dr. Charlie Rouse

Dr. Charlie Rouse is a husband of Janice Rouse, father, pastor, author, lecturer, product formulator, radio and television personality. He is a Doctor of Natural Medicine and a pharmacist and is an expert on the biochemical and pharmacological features of both natural supplements and pharmaceutical drugs. Dr. Rouse has steered thousands of people toward richer, healthier lives.

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We trust Dr. Charlie and have used  some of his formulations for quite a few years. This is where I purchase the Super Food from the Sea- Maritech fucoidan  Life extensions product that has strengthened my immune system for going on ten years… He has good prices. And Fast service.  He is also Senior Pastor for the church in Atlanta Georgia, that put together the “Fire Proof” DVD’s and “Courageous” as well..Hes a great guy.

Dr Josh Axe at DrAxe.com is a very well spoken of Doctor of Nutrition, I believe a Chiropractor as well and has a clinic in Nashville TN.  He has incredible pure/ organic products. I have gone thru two of his online classes myself in the last year.  2017…the Advanced Essential Oils Class and have my certification as a coach now  And also recently did the Healing Leaky Gut Program as well. This is valuable information and when you take these classes you have lifetime membership access to all course materials. Including his valuable lectures.  Highly recommend all his product line and am using these NON GMO organic Bone Broth and Multi Collagen products.  He and Jordan Rubin have an USDA organic Essential Oils line. Very very pure with the third party testing, and they are reasonably priced as well.