If you are sick PLEASE stay home!

No one I know really wants to be in public or next to someone in the same room/or same row on an airplane, movie theater, at work, with someone sick/coughing/sneezing/fevered in grocery stores etc. You’ve probably heard that before. We have seen it every day and it honestly drives me crazy. So much so I stay home when I know there are a lot of people sick in the stores and other public places. So seriously boosting your immune system with super foods and essential nutrients and using medicinal quality essential oils as a prevention while out is a great plan that works! Most hand sanitizers make it worse. More on that in another article.

I am so disturbed and repulsed by this lack of education that I have begun wiping down items that come into my house from stores…like the Milk jug and cheeses, butter etc, before it goes into the fridge… call me crazy if you want to. Virus’s are very interesting, and there are lots of researchers/doctors/scientists who will tell you a virus can be revived after many years, even on a surface! They lie dormant in our bodies…..you can probably think of one? ( Herpes/ warts/ HIV I am sure there is a longer list than we want to know)

But in America lets face it – we are for the most part a sick bunch of people in a constant state of “Dis-ease”, unwell, or having multiple chronic diseases whether they are diagnosed or not…who cover up these diseases/ sicknesses with medications prescribed or over the counter and try to carry on normally! We are not educated in true wellness in this country and because there are so many voices and opinions out there to sort through we are a confused lot.  And I will be the first to agree it IS certainly a muddle to wade through.  We are entitled to our own opinions for sure…but not our own set of facts. Truth/facts are a very stubborn things.  Bottom line – It IS a completely serious topic and we must protect ourselves.

Let me ask you  a question… honestly,  how many of you know more than one or two people who are in excellent health???  I know some because I am connected to a lot of Super food geeky people around the country and other parts of the world, who HAVE found the mostly “Undiscovered Country of Wellness”…and medical nutrition. I am blessed to have been introduced to some  important life saving truth about wellness and excellent health.  I am the recipient of life saving nutrition and have been able to go without a recommended heart surgery in 2005 and keep my heart stable without drugs or surgery all this time.

I have also NOT had to have a knee surgery a couple yrs back using a  nutritional protocol  for bone and joint repair.  I have however had to learn to manage my stress, because I am sorry to report that years ago I made a very ignorant and prideful statement that ” all that talk about stress being related to disease was not true and was not going to affect my life”.

I had some important lessons to learn.  If you stick around you will hear about them.

We are so desperate to NOT lose our jobs in this unstable economy here in the USA, that we go to work or out and about, even when we are contagious. We are not wanting to miss out on something cool we’ve planned with those we love or other friends that we still stick with the plan, even when we know we should be resting and taking care of ourselves and perhaps cancel.  Parents take their children out with obvious signs of sickness. And don’t get me started on E-Bola/ the flu and flu shots and virus’s as I touched on above.

Whats the answer to this? Is there anyone out there who really knows how to stay well and prevent sickness, where are they and what do they do…who are the experts???  Are there really alternatives to drugs and surgeries that work?
I am so glad you asked..because there most certainly is a better way!