Clinical Dietary Protocol


Dr Joel Wallach BS, DVM, ND, and Dr Peter Glidden-ND

Malnourishment/inflammation are big causes of chronic diseases. When we don’t take in elements which are needed on a daily basis, our health deteriorates.

Our bodies have innate knowledge to repair tissues and build health, but it must be given the building blocks to do that, i.e. 90 essential nutrients -16 Vitamins, 60 Minerals and 12 Amino acids, and 3 Essential Fatty Acids. Notice please 2/3 of these essential nutrients are minerals! Youngevity supplements have the minerals which have been missing from our soil for nearly 100 years. Minerals are only in the soils around the world in veins and not in the right amounts we need every day. If it’s not all in the soil, it’s not in our food.

In addition to needing quality supplementation, there are foods in our SAD diet (Standard American Diet) which further destroy our immunity and cause free-radical damage on the cellular level and cause inflammation.  Here is the list of top 10 detrimental foods, a list of good foods, and some basic explanations.


Oats (even “gluten-free”)

Reason: Today’s wheat, and grains, containing gluten & genetically-modified properties, is not only has an indigestible protein, but destroys tissue or (villi) in the small intestine, where absorption takes place.  The microscopic “fingers” which grab nutrients into the blood stream are damaged, but once consumption of gluten is halted, they begin to repair. Gluten-free oatmeal contains a protein other than gluten which is also indigestible. Dr. Wallach says No Wheat, Barley. Rye or Oats even if it says gluten free.
Please refer to lecture on You Tube posted on this site, called “Against the Grain” by Dr. Peter Glidden 14 minutes, short and to the point very clear explanation with slides.

Fried Foods

All fried foods must be stopped, oils in bottles after opening soon becomes oxidized by the air trapped in the bottle and are carcinogenic when heated at high temp’s.  Only pure butter (and lard, though not Kosher) may be used for good health.  Do not buy lard with BHT – I have not found any lard that has clean ingredients without petroleum products and is safe. Petroleum products in foods and cosmetics are carcinogenic. Could use rendered fat drippings from uncured bacon that is nitrite free..for flavoring soups/beans…etc, if you do not have issues with pork. I have learned to gently simmer burgers in Balsamic vinegar or broths till med rare melting cheese over them…smothering in simmered mushrooms in butter and wine/ with onions…. Delicious…

Oils – all bottled oils

Yes, this includes olive oil and coconut oils.  

Reason: Bottled oil becomes rancid quickly after it is opened and the air is in the bottle causes rancidity as stated above, also the lower grade cooking oils in your grocery stores have petro products and a deodorizer to keep them from smelling rancid! WHAT!!!  Rancid (oxidized) oil causes free-radical damage to cells.  Fried foods and oils also cause inflammation, leading to any condition ending with “itis”, meaning inflamed. If you fry anything in a non-transfat oil thinking you are doing a good thing, when the oil is heated it is then becomes a transfat oil.  People do not understand this.

For salad dressing, use balsamic vinegar, wine vinegar or herbal vinegar’s, Braggs cider vinegar, Fresh organic if possible orange/lemon/lime juices, or other organic fresh fruit juices pomegranate and blueberry is wonderful!!! Add salt, pepper, herbs of your choice.

Processed foods with oils are also an chips…potato and corn…crackers/ French fries and potato chips are two of the worst foods we can eat. Even organic ones.. Sad I know… I will post some healthy cracker recipes made with butter and cheese for those who like to experiment.

Well-done meat

Eat Rare or medium rare Beef. Cook chicken/pork/ to proper temp.
Reason: Well done meat is inflammatory and carcinogenic. Especially grain fed/feed lot meats.


Eat only deli-style means w/o nitrates/nitrites.  Eat only uncured meats/bacon, or those w/o preservatives. (Costco has a very very good grass fed certified Beef Sausage Kielbasa style).. Nothing fried, fried meats and eating burnt fats on meats is harmful.  Increases risk of cancer by 462%, especially breast cancer.
Reason: Extremely pro-inflammatory, causing free radicals, which can become carcinogenic.  Eat only fresh, preferably organic/grass fed meats.

Carbonated Beverages

Reason: Any drink with bubbles contain CO2 – carbon dioxide. Including sparkling sodas, Champagne and sparkling white wines with a meal…sparkling juices/beer/ mineral waters.  If taken with or before a meal, carbon dioxide neutralizes stomach acid.  The body then cannot digest the food from your meal and will, therefore, not absorb it’s nutrients. We need a strong stomach acid!! According to Dr. Wallach and Dr Glidden we need enough salt daily to do this. (Salt is an essential nutrient)
SO salt your food to taste and get enough of the right kinds of absorb-able calcium to make strong enough stomach acid to digest the food.  Doctors give out many anti-acids to relieve heart burn conditions.  This in fact does the opposite it destroys the stomach acid we need for good digestion. Hence “antacids” may relieve symptoms but causes more chronic disease and more serious mal-absorption issues and does not fix the problem.

It is ok to have a carbonated beverage between meals once in a while in moderation

The skin of a baked potato, sweet potato or yam

Reason: The heat needed to bake these causes a chemical reaction with the skins, causing it to become toxic and carcinogenic.
If boiled or steamed roasted, skins may be enjoyed or use foil to bake them in.

Good Foods


Soft scrambled or cooked in butter low heat, soft boiled, or soft poached.  The bright gold color must be preserved for maximum benefit. Do not over cook, yolks still soft have the cholesterol our brains need…Please hear Cholesterol Myth-busting lecture Dr Glidden. Also Dr. Wallach on You Tube recommends 8-10 eggs per day!!


Contrary to everything we have ever heard in America, salt is an essential nutrient!!!! So salt your foods to taste…salt and calcium are the two things necessary to produce a strong stomach acid that will break down our foods properly so our bodies can digest the foods.This needs to be drilled into our memory!  We need iodine in iodized salt. People ask how much salt is too much?  If it tastes too salty its probably too much!!


Use a good butter organic if you can…(never margarine)

All full-fat Dairy

Raw whole milk – Milk, Cream, Yogurt, Cheese, make your own Kefir/ yogurts cheeses…very easy.. see Note*


Wild-caught, not farmed


Use fresh, organic or grass-fed meats. Chicken with skin on (eat the skin); lamb; beef, medium-well or rare.Dr. Wallach says a quarter pounder a day, or 72 oz. a month.

Vegetables and Fruits

All organic – not GMO.

Mixed, salted nuts or nuts in shells. Can soak your own nuts or sprout them drying them in the oven..thus avoiding canned nuts with rancid oils.

No peanuts- peanuts can have a poison called Alfa toxin (a by-product of aspergilli’s) which happens in storage (warm, humid) from a fungus aspergilla’s flavus (ie: bread mold). It is highly toxic and causes liver cancer or cirrhosis of the liver even if you are not a heavy drinker. Even sudden death can occur if taken in large amounts.) FDA allows a certain amount in our foods claims it is safe! NO-Thank you FDA!

Other Nut butters are ok, but NO extra sugar added or oils.

Other non-GMO grains

Corn (NON GMO)
Pure Buckwheat (isn’t wheat)
Couscous, (made from Pearl Millet only, not wheat)
Quinoa (very good for breakfast with milk and fruit or at a main meal with vegys!!)


Coffee, (Youngevity has Java Fit coffee organic with minerals, they now own a coffee plantation in Nicaragra!! Where they have been giving monies to provide schooling and other resources for children of the parents who work the farm!!! )
Tea, Green tea, Herbal teas, Kombucha Tea, a fermented beverage easy to make and very excellent for digestion!!
Red Wine
Dark Chocolate/ unsweetened organic cocoa powders Very high in anti oxidants to combat free radicals.
Four 8 oz glasses of filtered water each day – or more 8 is better! Spring water/well water (not distilled)

Added notes

Doc Wallach says to cook foods by baking, boiling, steaming, roasting, or poaching, and even in the microwave. You can always cook in soups or stews. Avoid soft plastic bottles.  If you grill use a cookie sheet to keep foods from exposure to the flames.

Consume high-ORAC value foods, daily.  ORAC means: Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity.  The higher the ORAC value, the more free radical damage to cells will be prevented, as high ORAC foods neutralize free radical damage. Have a minimum of 20,000 ORAC points of antioxidants daily. Most people take in about 1,500 points each day from foods. (Up to 100,000 ORAC units is preferable for overcoming chronic conditions, or in extreme stress of any kind. I would shoot for 100K)

ORAC units may be obtained from foods or supplements.  Selenium is particularly high as it has a way to boost the body’s own antioxidant called glutathione. Vit C is an antioxidant. Many spices, such as Cinnamon and Curry are also high/ also beans I was surprised at this.  Have lots of berries such as maqui and acai, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries etc. They are good sources for high ORAC foods. Use only unsprayed fruits, though.

You can do an internet search for “ Top 100 ORAC foods” and figure out which foods to eat to get to this number. You can also use Youngevity products or other high ORAC medical nutrition designed for this purpose. BTT original, and the new 2.0 Citrus Peach BTT are high in ORAC scores as well as an amazing healthy chocolate!  Other products include Imortalium, Cell Shield, Maqui Plus, Z Radical, and Cocogevity. There are other super juices such as Kyani Sunrise which is very high, over 3,000 ORAC in two tablespoons.

* We NEED cholesterol!!  Statin drugs and cholesterol lowering are dangerous! Never try to get your cholesterol levels below 220 The brain is over 80% cholesterol!  The body makes cholesterol as it was designed to for a reason. Most people do not know this…I did not know this…want to make people pay attention to what your saying?  Just say that you are on a high cholesterol diet!! Then tell them the truth.
MD’s & the medical establishment have duped us into thinking we must limit and lower cholesterol, thus: Alzheimer’s/Dementia’s etc, Parkinson’s, Obesity, Diabetes, Autism are epidemic!
Eskimos have a high cholesterol levels in excess of 350-450 and above and they do not have heart disease issues until they come down to the lower 48 states and eat like us. There is no documentation or research that links cholesterol and heart disease to high cholesterol. This is a myth, Search You Tube with Dr. Joel Wallach’s name and cholesterol and you can hear him speak about this.
Other qualified doctors also are speaking out and admitting they have been wrong. It’s a very important issue.  We have lost precious members in our family to this archaic myth, my mother and both grandparents and many others, and I bet you have as well!